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Upcoming reminders

by Erin Borsoff -
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Hello Sea to Sky Online Learners, 

Here are a few things in which to be aware for the upcoming report card: 

1. Our marks cut-off for the April report card will be BEFORE SPRING BREAK, Friday March, 15 at 3pm. This is to ensure that all work submitted will be graded and reflected on the report card.  

Students should be aiming to be roughly 30% complete in their course(s) by Spring Break - if not, use your time effectively over Spring Break. 

2. Spring Break runs from March 16 - April 1, (this is a break for teachers too!). Please keep in mind that email responses and assessment feedback will be delayed until our return. 

3. *A reminder for all out-of-district students, ALL courses need to be complete for April 15, 2024


4. Check out our videos on our website that can help you with submissions and other trouble shooting, click: Tools for Success.

WANT To ADD A NEW COURSE?  If you're considering registering for additional courses or have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated Sea to Sky Online School clerical, Elise Lambert, at Elise is here to assist you with any administrative needs and guide you through the registration process.

Any questions? Let us know! Happy Spring!

Sea to Sky Online